LIVE Lasersystems Development & Products

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The home of KORE, ColorDRIVE and laser development.
Engineering and development on international level
LIVE Lasersystems is a local Austrian company acting internationally. 80% of our business partners are from around the world.
We speak your technical language - we use well-known tools and software to develop and manufacture. Share your ideas/visions in any file format or way you want.
When it comes to verbal communication, we are happy to talk/write to you in German or English. If this is not an option, we will find another way. ;)
Quality. Made in Austria.
It all started in a small workshop in an outer district of Vienna: What was once a hobby became a profession (and is still a hobby).
Since 2010, LIVE Lasersystems is part of Vienna's 16th district and Austrias renowned manufacturer of show laser systems and provider of professional laser displays. Laserists around the world appreciate our products and clients enjoy our installations/shows around the globe.
Say hello to LIVE Lasersystems
LIVE Lasersystems has never been a one-man-show. We are several individuals, each of us specialized in a different direction of laser technology. Together with a certain kind of strive for perfection and "nerdism," we create what LIVE Lasersystems calls its products and developments.
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