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What laser do I need for my event?
Festivals, concerts, business events, private birthday parties. The occation does not matter. We have got the right gear for the right application. LIVE Lasersystems lasers only, of course.
And if we don't know our equipment best, who does? ;)
Audience scanning? Laser safety?
LIVE Lasersystems is your experienced partner for laser safety. Under certain circumstances, we also offer audience scanning.
We are working closely with TÜV and the Austrian Standards Institute. Expect to be on the safe side when you choose LIVE Lasersystems as your partner for laser shows!
Timecode? Live control? Interactive?
Our experienced laser designers work with a broad selection of design tools and ensure the best display result.
But what about synchronization? We can offer any interface to thrid-party devices (f.e. SMPTE, Midi, DMX, ArtNet, dry contacts,...). Besides that, we are passionate music lovers with marked preference to live performance - we call this the "human interface" :)
Atmospherics, or in other words: fog and haze
Visible light in mid-air is a question of the right fog. While many people like the cloudy "liquid sky" effect, there is the majority that thinks, fog is annoying and should not be visible at all. We support both perspectives, and since our artwork depends on particles in the air, we can supply the right atmospherics suited to each occasion. LIVE Lasersystems offers a wide range of fog machines, hazers, and fans. But don't worry about technical details, we are talking about solutions, not products!
Our lasers are as silent as a pantomime
At festivals and concerts, noise from technical equipment is mostly not a problem. Even in TV studios noise is less a problem then one might think. There is one crucial place where noise will always be a problem, and that's in theatres. As a manufacturer of technical equipment, you learn a lot from your customers and try to cover their needs. Therefore we can proudly say that our lasers won't be the reason for any disturbing hum in silent moments, whether we are in a theater or not.
How much is a laser show?
Like any other individual service, it depends on many factors and circumstances. That means the more you can tell us about your application, the better we can serve with an accurate quotation for your show.
One thing is for sure: We will never make a compromise in quality or safety!

Contact us now! We are just one call/e-mail away: +43 (0) 1 944 2883 or
Showcase: Reborn Festival
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